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From workshops on healthy relationships and condom negotiation to natural hair and trap music, we've got a diverse group of workshops just for you! Learn more about what we are serving up. 


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Workshops Offerings 

How to be a F.L.Y. Girl: First, Love Yourself! 

Description: This 90-minute workshop aims to have honest conversations with young women (ages 13-21) in a brave space to explore and define what "real" and "respectable" love is with others and ourselves! This workshop can be offered as a series covering topics such as health relationships, puberty, consent, reproductive anatomy, and more. 

Designed For: Young Women ages 13-21


  • Media Literacy 
  • Spectrum of unhealthy and Healthy Relationships 
  • Different Forms of intimate Partner Violence: Digital, Economic, Emotional, Physical, and Sexual Abuse 
  • Introspective reflection to: examine, deconstruct and reevaluate relationships and themselves 
  • Empowering and Reflective Writing

Curls and Condoms

Description: From an early age, women of color (WOC) are taught that their natural hair is undesirable and should conform to Eurocentric standards of beauty. This issue has created a spirited platform for the natural hair community to help WOC reclaim and embrace their natural hair. Concurrently, WOC are disproportionately affected by STD's and unintended pregnancies. This 90-minute workshop aims to bridge and expand the conversations around natural hair to include honest, open and educational dialogue about sexual health. 

Designed For: Young and Adult Women of Color


  • History of the natural hair for women of color in the U.S. 
  • Current information about sexual health disparities for women of color 
  • Natural Hair Movement 101 (Language, practices, meetings)
  • Sexual and Reproduction Health- contraception, barrier protection, consent, check-ups

Standing Up in a Crooked Room: Techniques to Help Empower Young Black Women and Girls through Popular Culture

Description: Young Black Women and Girls (YBWG) living through the challenges of gender-based violence, STDs and unintended pregnancy struggle with trying to stand up in a "crooked room," as Dr. Melissa Harris Perry tells us. This 90-minute workshop aims to seek justice in the lives of YBWG, by building capacity among adult-allies of all races. 

Designed For: Adult allies, Youth workers, Educators, Service Providers 


  • How popular culture has a profound impact on how young women view themselves
  • Intergenerational dialogue about positions of power among youth workers, community organizers, community members, adult-allies about young black women and girls unique experiences with gender-based violence

Lessons on "How to Be a F.L.Y. Girl" 

Description: This 90-minute workshop aims to seek justice in the lives of young women of color by training adult-allies in fostering honest dialogue about youth sexuality without shame, fear of stigma. 

Designed For: Adult allies, Educators, Service Providers


  • Media Literacy 
  • Youth Sexual Health and Rights 
  • Introspective reflection to: examine, deconstruct ad re-evaluate self and relationships 
  • Sexuality Affirming Creative Writing

Workshop Design

Can't find a workshop that meets your programming needs? No Problem! 

Through this collaborative approach, we will design a workshop that is tailored to your program and/ or event! Together, we will focus on your key learning objectives and expected outcomes while incorporating high-energy and interactive activities. We aim to bring you an unmatched experience. 

Typically, our workshops include: learning visuals, worksheets, icebreakers, group activities, culminating exercises, and music. We develop workshops ranging from topics of puberty, body image, communication, boundary setting, healthy relationships, STD's and HIV, birth control and barrier methods, sexual harassment , race, identity and so much more. 


We believe in the transformative power of collaboration. In working with various entities such as grassroots organizations, nonprofits, conference organizers, government agencies, community organizers, college campus organizations, and middle/high schools, we aim to enhance programming for youth and young adults with a special focus on women of color. 

Our consultancy services include: 

  • Lesson plan creation
  • Curriculum design
  • Professional development and train-the-trainer workshops
  • "Best-practice" consulting
  • Technical assistance with developing a student-run organization or group

KIMBRITIVE is also open to inquiries concerning facilitation, panel moderation, and speaking engagements. 

Let's Collaborate!