Our Work

KIMBRITIVE, LLC is a social startup that engages girls/women of color, young people, youth service providers & educators in authentic conversations about sexual health, reproductive justice and everything in between.

Our work uses tools from Public Health, Social Work, Design Thinking, Human Sexuality, and a youth-centered perspective to design and facilitate interactive skill-building workshops and programming. These workshops aim to address the emerging needs of young people, youth service providers and adults.

KIMBRITIVE, LLC is committed to passion-filled and purpose driven work that is: medically accurate, destigmatized, Sex-positive, LGBTQ inclusive, developmentally-appropriate, culturally-relevant, rights-based, youth-friendly and unapologetic.

Our Values and Guiding Principles

Honest & Authentic

We believe in keeping it real! We believe that honest conversations are necessary for creating the change we want to see in the world.

Critical & Intersectional

Relying on the teachings of womanism, feminism, and social justice movements we bring a critical analysis of how the intersections of identity, privilege, power and oppression shape our lives and bring this analysis to our to every aspect of our work.  

Rights & Justice based

We utilize a framework that recognizes how young women of color are impacted by the intersecting oppressions of racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and ageism. We view this as necessary for the liberation of the most marginalized, especially young women and girls of color.

 Innovative & Creative

We are committed to building a culture of innovation where we identify, ideate and prototype creative bold solutions. It is our practice to empathize, remain open, and pay close attention to feedback from our end-users in order to strengthen our practices and work.  


Dynamic & Interactive

Collectively we create A LOT of energy. Typically, our workshops include: learning visuals, worksheets, icebreakers, group activities, culminating exercises, music, and all the things. We promise that you will never be bored in our workshops or trainings.

Skill-based & Experiential

We will never engage in discussing “theoretical ideas” without practical application relevant to the issue and our lives. In our adult workshops, we ask adults to “try-on” the activities we use with our youth. In practice, we will never ask our young people to do anything that we (as adults) would not do ---in sum, everyone is invited to participate fully, regardless of capacity.


Strength & Need-based

While we do tailor our workshops to address the specific needs of the populations and organizations that we are working with, we maintain the belief that everyone has something to bring to the table, and we work to create a space where that can happen.



Youth-centered & Capacity Building  

We firmly believe that youth are experts on their own lives. Through this lens, we aim to strengthen adult-allyship and help adults better understand the realities of the youth they work with.



Brittany Brathwaite, MSW, MPH


Chief Innovation Officer/ Protector of Black Girl Magic
Brittany Brathwaite is a reproductive justice activist, youth worker and community accountable scholar with a deep-seated commitment for supporting the leadership, organizing, and healing of girls of color.  Brittany has worked to create change in the lives of girls of color through sexual health education, local base building, advocacy, curriculum development, storytelling strategies and participatory action research. Brittany holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology from Syracuse University and a Master of Public Health and a Master of Social Work from Columbia University. When she’s not attempting to save the world, you can catch on her Brooklyn stoop sipping lemonade, curating The Homegirl Box , picking out outfits for her social justice fashion blog, Movement Fly. 


Kimberly Huggins, MSW, MPH, MEd

Chief Education Officer/ Resident Trapscholar
While earning her B.A. in Psychology at Syracuse University, she served her campus community as a peer educator by facilitating various workshops on safer sex, condom negotiation, testing, STDs, HIV and AIDS, healthy relationships and self-empowerment. While pursuing her Master of Public Health at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, she worked as an Adolescent Health Educator and as an ambassador for National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Kimberly later went on to pursue a dual masters in Social Work and Education in Human Sexuality studies at Widener University. She is an enthusiastic lover of all things makeup, trap music and holistic living.  

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